Should I have my home professionally inspected prior to putting it up for sale?

Many states require that sellers provide prospective buyers with a “Property Condition Report or Residential Real Property Disclosure.” This form will be provided by your attorney in your FSBO kit. Failure to provide this report to the buyer within a specified period of time could have serious legal consequences. Cautious sellers may want to go one step farther, and hire a reputable home inspector ($200-$400) to perform a pre-sale inspection.
Having your home pre-inspected will accomplish five important objectives:

  • Disclose hidden problems with your home, allowing you the opportunity to make necessary repairs prior to marketing your home.
  • Provide you with a helpful additional marketing tool.
  • A pre-inspection will demonstrate to potential buyers that you are highly organized and have considered your home’s condition when you determined the asking price.
  • The pre-inspection report of your home should also help minimize surprise inspection issues that sometimes materialize after the buyers have performed their own independent inspection.
  • The buyer, with a pre-inspection report in hand, will be aware of the property conditions and can write their offer based on that opinion.

Well Test and Septic Inspection

The buyer’s lender will require that property, with well and septic systems, be tested. MotonProperties recommends that sellers pre-test the water quality and septic performance. Problems in this area discovered after an accepted offer, could cause delay or cancellation of a home closing.