Real Estate Developers In India Rise Over And Above

Indian real estate construction firms are surging ahead by leaps and bounds. Realty today is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. Market analysis pegs returns from realty in India at an average of 14% annually with a tremendous upsurge in commercial real estate on account of the Indian BPO boom.

A significant demand is also likely to be generated as the outsourcing boom moves into the manufacturing sector. Further, the housing sector has been growing at an average of 34% annually, while the hospitality industry witnessed a growth of 10-15% last year. The relaxed FDI rules implemented by India last year has invited more foreign investors and real estate sector in India is seemingly the most lucrative ground at present. Private equity players are considering big investments, banks are giving loans to property developers , and financial institutions are floating real estate funds. The market of real estate developers in India is immensely promising and most sought after for a wide variety of reasons.

Ever since their inception they have managed to stay true to their vision with their exemplary brand of buildings which is now home or office to more than 500 totally happy clients. Not only are they interested in protecting the environment, but they do it rather in interesting and innovative ways! Terrace gardens, creeper panels and plant friendly pergolas are the elements adopted to bring the natural surroundings into homes and work spaces. The living, breathing and conscious buildings built by this progressive architectural design firm incorporates ‘Rain Water Harvesting’ to recharge the ground water for reuse wherever possible. Total Environment is a real estate construction firm par excellence indeed.