Pattaya Real Estate

Real Estate Pattaya, Thailand
Although Thailand has been through a turbulent period recently, Pattaya has managed to continue to grow economically. Pattaya real estate and property investments have been proven to be some of the most profitable in Asia. With an ever growing property market and investments from major companies and corporations from around the world Pattaya offers buyers opportunities that would be impossible in their native countries. 

For serious investors, the commercial real estate market offers a vast selection of business opportunities in Thailand from small businesses to large scale commercial projects.

Property Developers in Pattaya have continued to produce ever more creative and internationally competitive building and projects. Standards have improved since the first large development were created and construction companies are now using the highest grade materials and incorporating the latest in technologies in their buildings.

Pattaya real estate

A of warning.  Although the majority of property developers and real estate personnel have fulfilled their responsibilities to their customers and attained a trustworthy reputation within the real estate industry, Pattaya has fallen victim of unscrupulous and shady characters and diligence should always be taken when choosing a property development, agent or purchase.

Condominiums & Apartments
Pattaya boast an ever increasing number of condo’s from low rise, with few units to Skyscrapers towering above the city skyline. Condominiums can provide an excellent opportunity to make a profit by resale or rentals. They also offer an excellent low maintenance place to reside, with many condo’s possessing amazing views and facilities.

Houses & Villas
A vast selection style of houses can be found in Pattaya from a convenient Townhouse to a country mansion. Common themes include Thai-Bali, Spanish Villa, Contemporary and classic Thai style. It is also common for houses to include private swimming pools and even those without usually have a communal swimming pool and club house.

Pattaya real estate

Legal Issues 
There are various ways of owning property in Thailand. The most popular and hassle free method is using the “Foreign Ownership” laws to purchase a property in the buyers name as a non-Thai national. Other means that are used are leasing and company registration. To obtain official legal advice always use a reputable lawyer.

About Pattaya
Pattaya is located on the Eastern Sea Board of Thailand, approximately 165 km South East of the capital city Bangkok.  The city has its modern day origins from the 1960’s when nearby Air force base at Utapao (now used as a domestic airport). Pattaya also grew as a popular R & R location for US forces that were serving in Vietnam. Pattaya quickly developed an infamous reputation as the single man’s destination where anything goes and became synonymous with the darker side of Thailand.

Since then Pattaya has evolved and continues to advance towards a more all round destination for tourists and a large expatriate community has also developed. What use to be a vibrant sea side town has now become a truly cosmopolitan city with western style shopping malls, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, outdoor activities, entertainment venues and of course a unique style night life.

Activities, Entertainment & Facilities
Pattaya offers a huge selection of activates and entertainment from outdoor sports to bar, nightclubs and restaurants. Pattaya also has international standard Hospitals and Schools. Take a look at our resources page for more information.

For all of those who intend on visiting have an enjoyable and safe stay in Pattaya, Thailand.