Buying an apartment in Kuala Lumpur – 5 step guide to follow

Kuala Lumpur is the multicultural capital city of Malaysia. The city has a nickname ‘muddy confluence’ which means a ‘land formed by the intersection of rivers Klang and Gombak’. Over the years, KL has grown really big and famous to represent one in the top ten list of the most visited cities in the world. More than 12.3 million people from all over the world visit this city every year.

With many tall skyscrapers, branded shopping malls, renowned international hotels and more than eight million people, KL, manages the perfect balance between Asian and western influences.  The international airport here brings in a major number of tourists that transit through Malaysia. As the country progresses, the lifestyle of citizens and their personal wealth are improving at a rapid pace. Government is also planning to build new projects which attracts more skilled and unskilled expats to work and live in the city. This has made KL a priority investment decision for many expats. If you are planning to invest in Kuala Lumpur’s property, you do not have to worry about choosing the properties as there are many Apartments For Sale in Kuala Lumpur that are accredited by international rating agencies.

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Factors that influence the buying an apartment

There are some essential aspects which one needs to understand before actually getting an apartment.

  1. The size of an apartment. The normal floor area of the apartments can vary anywhere between 500 sq. Ft to 2000 sq. Ft. One can find bedrooms numbers varying from single to five and can buy that property which suits the family size.
  2. Furnished or unfurnished. Usually, if one is planning for a short term stay, then it is advisable to book a semi furnished or unfurnished apartment to cut down the expenses while enjoying the basic facilities. However, if one is opting for an extended or long stay here, then it is wise to take the fully furnished or luxury apartments that comes with all modern homeware and kitchenware along with other grand amenities like gym, pool, cleaning services, play areas, ample parking spaces and other things that fully value one’s privacy along with security.
  3. Main areas to consider. One should fix the neighborhood that has proximity to all things like grocery and other services like educational institutions, healthcare facilities or so. Further, if one prefers to go for a Seaview apartment, it is also possible in KL. Apartments in Pantai Dalam, Cheras, Mount Kiara, Puchong, Kajang, Georgetown are worth for investing.
  4. Access to transportation. This feature truly matters as one needs to get to the working place from the place of stay. There are many public modes of transportation which are approachable and includes bus, local trains, taxis and so on. All these are affordable and safe modes to employ to easily reach out to the destination.
  5. Finally, the price of the apartment. Normally, the value ranges from RM 90K to RM 1M and is dependent on all the above factors. Whatever be the choice of buying, ensure one has carefully read the terms and conditions to get the best deals without any issues.